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Aydon Egypt

Aydon Egypt is managed by Buhaisi Consulting International, LCC which is a full service business development consulting firm. From our headquarters in Cairo, Egypt and through a network of associates professionals and experts in the Middle East and North-East Africa, we provide high level of expertise in Research, Strategy and Implementation. We help companies from the Americas, Asia and Europe to develop their business operations and realize their business opportunities and true potentials throughout the region.

Our strongest asset is our understanding of the cultures and business practices in our region. Local experience is crucial in attaining maximum results in an efficient time frame. Whether your company plans to market its products or services, establish operation, open new supply agreements, facilities or offices, find new partners or investors, or find experienced cost effective interim managers, we help each step from researching to developing strategies to implementation. We can help you plan a strategy for penetration or expansion into your desired market by locating the most opportune market segment in each target area. We can make high-level introductions with business leaders throughout the region, and facilitate tactical, practical connections with distributors, suppliers, technicians and other key players.

The principals together have a wealth of business experience in Egypt, and in several other Arab and African countries and have served in industries including Advanced Materials, Agriculture, Biotech, Industry, chemical and Engineering & industrial products. Our team of experienced advisors and professionals in business, law, finance, engineering, government relations, media and investor communications can advise and develop strategies to successfully enter and stay or expand in the marketplaces. Independence, objectivity, confidently and integrity governs our practice. We value our relationships with our clients, and want to build long-term relationships based on trust, commitment and proven performance, preserving our reputation and building enduring long term relationships with our clients.

Business Approach
We have developed a tested process customized to each specific situation not pre-packaged "answers" to complex problems. We are always available to ensure you implement most effectively.

Our Services
Market Pre Entry Assessment
Our market pre-entry assessment is designed to provide our clients with a strategic understanding of the market current products and competitors and of the strategic fit of the product or business in question resulting from in-depth study of the following elements:

  • Market Size & Trends
  • Competitive Products
  • Distribution Channels
  • Driving Forces In The Market
  • Barriers To Entry
  • Critical Success Factors

Market Entry Strategy and Implementation
Developing a strategy that addresses the following key elements is only the first step, and must be followed by effective implementation. We can provide the necessary staffing resources and assemble a team of professionals and consultants to work under our own management to implement the plan to meet the client’s goals and timeline. These elements are:

  • Structure of Business
  • Product Range & Pricing
  • Product & Service Definitions
  • Distribution Channels
  • Promotion Program
  • Market Position
  • Business Reputation & Culture

Business Matchmaking & Partner Search
Finding the right partner or investor is critical to the success of a market entry strategy or market expansion. One of the most expensive mistakes a company can make is to choose the wrong partner. It can be costly in terms of revenues, profits, market share and reputation. We provide the following:

  • Criteria Defined With The Client For The Best Fit
  • Broad List Of Potential Partners In The Industry
  • Short-List Of Candidates
  • Full Due Diligence Checking On The Chosen Partner
  • Negotiation & Agreement Signing Support

Commercial due Diligence Projects

  • Product & Service Rankings of Competitors.
  • Reputation of Management, Sales, Service & Customer Support Personnel.
  • Strengths & Weaknesses.
  • Areas of Improvement of: Products, Services, Terms of Trade, Delivery, Logistics, Packaging, Brands, Advertising, Sales Force & Sales Promotion.
  • Recommendations about Areas of Improvement.
  • Recommendations about Final Negotiating Tactics.

Country Representation
Buhaisi Consulting act as a trusted, reliable partner and provide local representative business services in the markets we cover handling issues including:

  • Setting up regional offices
  • Setting up local operations
  • Hiring local sales teams and dedicated employees
  • Monthly sales representation
  • Organizing trade delegations and finding relevant trade events,
  • Identifying government tender opportunities
  • Government introductions and public sector relations
  • Identifying regulatory hurdles and dealing with local bureaucracy
  • Obtaining approvals, licenses, and certification
  • Organizing business functions and launch events
  • Media monitoring and arranging local media campaigns and coverage
  • Recommending local legal and accountancy services
  • Notice of changes in government regulations and other incentives within the market.

Business Cases

  • Business Intelligence - Pulp and Paper chemicals - NL
  • Market assessment - Water based coating - NL
  • Market Assessment- Synthetic Fibers for automotive – Japan
  • Partner Search - Metal Recycling technology - USA
  • Partner Search - Lithium polymer batteries – Korea
  • Partner Search - Construction equipment tools- Japan
  • Market Development - Factory automation systems – Korea
  • Market Intelligence - Fragrance compounds – UK
  • Market development - Household products – Egypt
  • Market assessment- Specialty Pigments – Japan
  • Market Development - Textiles – Egypt
  • Market development - Agriculture – Egypt
  • Market assessment - water soluble polymers – Germany
  • Market assessment - Office Furniture – China
  • Focus Group Discussion- Education- Egypt o Business Matchmaking Meeting – Egypt
  • Employees stratification Survey - KSA

Our Team

Mohamed Buhaisi
Mr. Buhaisi is Managing Partner of Buhaisi Consulting International. He has 25 years plus of experience in senior level leadership for startup and early stage growth operations working with international product and business strategy. Prior to forming BCI he worked with specialty chemicals and related products with multinational companies in multi functions such as sales, marketing, business development, organizational and operational management. Mr. Buhaisi's expertise covers the linkages between strategy & action plan and goals & objectives. Mr.
Bahaisi has a BS degree in Chemical Engineering from San Jose State University, California, US and an MBA, International Business from School of Scandinavia in Egypt.

Waleed Mamdouh
Mr. Mammoth is senior consultant and principal. He is in charge of construction, medicals equipment’s, and telecommunication industries. Mr. Mamdough is President for E-Gar real estate and Property Management Company in Egypt. Prior to that he has been COO working in Nile Telecom and has worked for Afri-Medical Pharmaceuticals. He has a bachelor degree in accounting and a PhD D degree in mass communication from Cairo University.

Khaled Yousry
Mr. Yousry is an experienced consultant in the field of IT solutions architecture and service delivery, He has 18 years of experience in areas like CMMI, virtualization, software development, ticketing systems, IT outsourcing, IT management, product development, ticketing systems implementation & high availability hosting solutions, and has implemented, developed, evaluated and managed projects for Data networks, Business Intelligence, CRM, ERP, Knowledge Management, Messaging & fault tolerance database systems in Egypt, India, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf, and EMEA region. He holds a certificate in Project Management (PMP) and a BS degree in computer engineering.

Mohamed Buhaisi
Managing Director
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Contact details:

Email: info@aydon-consultants.com


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