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Aydon Nigeria Ltd
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Nigerian Market Development Services

Our market development services are designed to support the growth of your business in Nigeria. We assist you in creating the right partnership with local investors. In this regard we have established a relationship in both the governmental and non-governmental circles. We may be of help in the following ways;

Market entry into Nigeria
Market and Sales expansion
In country office development
Development of Business partnership and distribution
Market research
Sales force deployment and management
Establishment of subsidiary companies in Nigeria
Formulation of Marketing strategies and business plans
Building of strategic alliances
Project finance (in partnership with Boca Comm)
Sourcing of Products and services

Obinna Emeribe
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Contact details:

Email: info@aydon-consultants.com

Management Transformation Nigeria Ltd in association with Aydon Consultants.

Senior managers of successful companies understand that strategic problem solving, operational excellence, high impact talent management and communication are important levers for sustaining exceptional performance and shareholder returns. Business executives have also come to appreciate the additional advantages of engaging external independent consultants to help address the challenges and seize new business opportunities in the new millennium. This is especially true given the peculiar and dynamic business environment in Nigeria and West Africa. Management Transformation, mt, was created in 1999 to respond to these needs, specifically for companies competing in the Nigerian and West African business environments.

Services provided:
Primarily, we provide world-class strategic management consulting services in the following areas:
- Business Strategy
- Business Development
- Operational Effectiveness
- Organisational Design
- Managerial Effectiveness
- People Management & Development

Recently, our business development practice was established to respond to the growth in new business opportunities in Nigeria and the requirement for professional consulting in the areas of market entry, start-up feasibility and management support.

We also assist our clients to grow talent by developing and facilitating customised training programmes in core functional areas as well as managerial effectiveness.

While we serve companies based in Nigeria predominately, mt has worked in most parts of Western and Central Africa.

The Team
mt draws from a wide and deep network of young, dynamic, highly talented and experienced consultants and analysts from across Africa. All members of this virtual team of management consultants and sector analysts have at least 3 years experience in international firms and share a passion for servicing companies operating in Africa.

The Team Leadership
Wura Abiola, Ph.D.
As the managing director of mt, Wura Abiola plays an active role in each and every client engagement. Her input begins with the selection of the right mt team from the wide and deep network of highly talented and experienced consultants and analysts across Africa. Wura's impact on client engagements is a result of a compelling blend of extensive knowledge of the West African business environment and international strategic management consulting experience.

Wura is recognised as an expert on the topic of management and organization in Africa. Over the last four years, she has honoured invitations to deliver papers on this subject at the annual International Women's Leadership Foundation Fellows Forum seminar at the Judge Institute of Management, Cambridge University.

Wura joined McKinsey & Co. in 1996 first in New York and then in London. She worked primarily in the areas of strategy and organisation. Her McKinsey career included:
- Co-leadership of McKinsey's 'Food For Africa' initiative involving research into private-sector SME opportunities to significantly improve the productivity of key agricultural value chains in Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana and Nigeria. Co-authored an article, 'Food for Africa,' based on evolving findings.
- Studies to realign executive compensation programmes and human resource processes (people review, development, etc.) for senior management in financial and high-tech companies.
- Post M&A corporate reorganisation for a financial services company with head quarters in the UK.
- Engagements with an international oil company to define a downstream growth strategy in Africa and other Emerging Markets and design an organisational change program to realign structures and processes towards growth.
- Market growth, business and systems re-organisation projects for a leading US pharmaceutical company.
- Strategy realignment for winning in the international wholesale environment for a global telecommunications company.

Prior to joining McKinsey, Wura worked as the project analyst in the London Office of Vitol S.A., a petroleum trading company with extensive operations in West Africa and the former USSR.

Wura has a B.Sc. in accounting from the University of San Francisco (summa cum laude, 3.982 out of 4.0 GPA) and M.B.A and Ph.D. in organisational behaviour from Imperial College, London University, specialising in the petroleum industry in West Africa. She holds a diploma in Environmental Risk Assessment and Management from the Harvard School of Public Health and another in International Oil Trading from Citac Institute in the UK.

Some of our key engagements have been:
Financial Services
- M&A project (including due-diligence) and post-acquisition planning for a consortium of investors acquiring a mortgage bank in Nigeria. 5-month project (on-going).
- Customer growth and marketing strategic project for a commercial bank with 13 branches in Nigeria. 3-month project.
- African expansion/growth strategy for a leading commercial bank in Nigeria. 4-month project.
- Market-entry strategy for a French financial institution seeking to introduce its Hedge Funds and Structured products into the Anglophone West African market. 3-month project.
- Strategic evaluation of the public finances of a Central African country, including audit of petroleum revenues and formulation of recommendations to improve financial performance. 7-month project jointly carried out with an international strategic consulting firm and a top six international accounting firm.

Oil and Gas
- Project feasibility and strategic development study for an oil storage depot facility in Ibafon, Lagos. 10-month project (on-going).
- Strategic market -sizing and -entry analyses for a US-based Methanol producing company prospecting opportunities for business expansion into West Africa. 1-month project jointly carried out with an international strategic consulting firm.
- Company acquisition project and post-acquisition planning for a downstream oil & gas client participating in the Nigerian privatisation programme. 10-month project jointly executed with a leading Nigerian financial institution and a firm of solicitors.

- Corporate reorganisation and portfolio divestment project for a large conglomerate in Nigeria. 4-month project (on-going) as a member of a consortium.
- Operational readiness audit for a telecommunications company in Nigeria. 2-month project (on-going) as a member of a consortium.
- Project feasibility and development study for an export-oriented manufacturing business based in Nigeria. 2-month project (on-going).
- Market expansion & project feasibility study for a South African fast-food franchise wanting to expand its business in Nigeria. 4-month project (on-going).
- Strategic planning and feasibility study for a French manufacturing company seeking to establish a manufacturing plant in Nigeria. 9-month project.
- Corporate reorganisation and talent management programme for a Nigerian telecommunications firm. 2-month project.

Contact details:

Email: info@aydon-consultants.com


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