The Aydon Brazil - CV

Aydon ConsultantsGraciela Gomez

AG3 Moderator and Project Assistant

Graciela Gomez is graduated in Pedagogy & Psychology from Centro de Investigación y Experimentación Pedagógicas in Uruguay and has been working in Marketing Research for the last 6 years. She lives in Brazil for the last 20 years and is fluent in Portuguese, English and Spanish. She has been working exclusively for AG3 Consulting, as moderator and project assistant in qualitative projects and as senior interviewer in quantitative projects.

She has already participated in more than 100 projects conducted by AG3 Consulting, in both consumer and B2B studies, working in different projects from TNS Korea, Synovate Korea, EFG Worldwide, Midas Consulting, HWR Healthcare, SIS International, KQHealth, among others. Among those projects, around 10 were about healthcare, where she mainly moderated in depth interviews over the phone. Some of them were: Dialysis Study, conducted in Mexico, Colombia and Argentina; Ophtalomoligists IDIs in Argentina, Mexico and Venezuela.