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Aydon ConsultantsMartin Jancik

Country Manager

Mr. Jancik joined Tractus in 2011 and has worked across the firm’s consulting, economic development, and corporate finance practices on regional projects. His areas of focus include corporate finance, strategy development, financial modeling & analysis, market research, and system implementation. After five years in Bangkok, Mr. Jancik is currently based in Yangon, Myanmar and is responsible for local market development, project execution, as well as regional corporate finance projects. He has worked in a variety of sectors including agriculture, manufacturing, railway and real estate. Some of his recent project work includes:

  • Managing project teams for site selections by U.S. companies in market sectors such as fleet card service technology, logistics, fall protection equipment, car manufacturing, consumer products, and others throughout Asia.
  • Serving as project leader in the advisory role to the Cambodian Ministry of Commerce on foreign direct investment strategy development focused on the attraction of industrial land developers in light manufacturing and the development of a vertically integrated garment sector.
  • Leading a project assisting a large global provider of fuel cards and workforce payment products to identify acquisition targets in Southeast Asia in pursuit of partnerships and acquisitions.
  • Collaborating on several corporate finance projects, one of which included Mardil Medical, Inc., a Minnesota-based cardio-medical device developer, which resulted in a US$ 5 million commitment from a government-linked venture capital fund, as well as a clinical partnership with the country’s leading heart center.
  • Conducting financial due diligence and assisting in building a financial valuation model for a foreign healthcare company acquiring Thai companies operating medical centers.

Prior to joining Tractus, Mr. Jancik worked as a consultant for the largest public finance company in the U.S. and was based out of Seattle, WA. His main responsibilities included developing specialized, multi-lien and multi-credit financing plans, structuring, bond sizing, pricing new money and refinancing bond issues, and performing analysis of restructuring opportunities. During his tenure, Mr. Jancik priced over $3.8 billion of bonds for various state government issuers, hospital systems and large universities. Mr. Jancik earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Politics from Princeton University. Prior to living in Thailand, he lived in the United States and grew up in the Czech Republic. He is fluent in English, Czech, speaks conversational Slovak, and basic Thai.