The Aydon India - CV

Aydon ConsultantsSanjay Kumar Vishnu Mane

Executive Director - DIGIT 5

Sanjay Kumar Vishnu Mane is an Executive Director at DIGIT 5 Private Limited, Pune and handles Project Execution and Project Planning. Sanjay is also the Head of Customer Search or Lead Generation Division, which is a profit center.

Sanjay has 12 years of experience in Market Research and has been part of more than 150 research projects in India, Indonesia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Japan, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore.

For the first 9 years of his career, Sanjay has worked in the chemical industry. He was involved in versatile activities including plant & equipment layout, construction activities, getting approvals from respective government departments, erection and commissioning of the plant.

Sanjay holds a Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering from Pune University and Diploma in Industrial Management from Indira Gandhi University, New Delhi

He is a co-founder of DIGIT 5, which was established in 2002. Sanjay enjoys music, traveling and engages in social causes.