The Aydon Korea team - Curriculum Vitae

Aydon ConsultantsSang Chul, Ahn
Assistant Director
Professional Qualifications
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering- Soong Sil University, Seoul
Certificate Program of Marketing- Seoul Chamber of Commerce & industry.
Certificate Program of Logistics Management- Korea Logistics Association

Professional Experience
Dec.20, 2004 – present, Assistant Director of Aydon Korea.
2003-Present, President, G to I Corporation.
Exporting FA systems and relevant parts (Pneumatics & Hydraulics). Import/export of commercial items.
2004-Present, Director, JC Seokwon Co., Ltd. Advisor for domestic marketing.
1998-2003, Marketing Manager, YSC Mecatronics Co., Ltd. Sales marketing to overseas market. Managed procurement
1994-1997, Assistant Manager, Hyosung Heavy Industries of Hyosung Group.
Worked in Electronic Equipment Development of FA Division.
Designed and developed the Mold & Press case of PLC.
Worked for developing CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) Station System under a government project.
Managed Production Line Equipment, like Automatic Electronic Parts Assembly Machine and Automatic Punching & Drilling Machine.

Extra Experience
Technical Training for the Automatic Electronics Parts Assembly Machine in Japan.
Technical Training for the CNG Station in New Zealand.
Technical Training for the Automatic Punching & Drilling Machine in Italy.