The Aydon Turkey team
Curriculum Vitae

Aydon ConsultantsFatih Altunkaynak

Project Manager

Holding Bachelors degree in International Relations and a Master’s degree on the European Union, Mr. Altunkaynak administers the EU consultancy department, working closely with the European Commission funded projects and programmes in Turkey. As the representative of IBS, he managed the relations with the international partners in the consortium as well as relations with the Beneficiary (mostly governmental institutions) and the Client (EU Delegation and/or CFCU).

On the other hand, as part of the Sectoral Research team, he involved in many sectoral research projects including qualitative and quantitative research and analysis. In these sectoral consultancy projects, reports prepared to clients aimed at equipping the clients with relevant market information, investment opportunities, threats, dynamics, new ideas and experiments for more accurate and sound market penetration. Clients used these reports to design their investment strategy and policies.

Other capabilities include:

  • Very good knowledge on EU-Turkey relations including pre-accession financial and political strategy, EU integration process and its policies as well as Community Programmes

  • Extensive practical experience in the preparation of information materials

  • Experienced researcher on data collection and market research activities and coordination of these activities along with preparation of market research and potential analyses.

  • Knowledge of Turkish socio-economy national and regional level.

  • Knowledge and project experience on Turkish industrial structure national and regional level.

  • Proven experience in preparation of surveys and questionnaires. All sectoral projects involved face-to-face interviews, email and online surveys to get the primary data on the relevant discussion point.

  • Proven experience in managing analytical/statistical reports as well as drafting reports based on research, consultation, data evaluation and analysis.