The Aydon UK team - Curriculum Vitae

Aydon ConsultantsRobert Milne
Oil and Gas Director
Robert holds a BSc (Mining Engineering) and has over 30 years experience in the oil and gas sector. Bob has held numerous senior executive appointments in the world oil industry and was seconded abroad in various capacities to oil majors. Since retirement he has consulted to leading oil companies and continued business internationally using contacts made in a highly successful career.

Professional Qualifications
BSc (Mining Engineering) Edinburgh - 1947.
Harvard Business School Advanced Management Program - 1970.

Professional Experience
1947 - 1976, Iraq Petroleum Company, Employed by its associates and shareholders (BP, Shell, Mobil, Esso, CFP and Partex).
1963, General Manager, Abu Dhabi Petroleum Company
Negotiations for profit-sharing agreement with then ruler Sheikh Shakhur and his brother Sheikh Zaid, currently President of the U.A.E
1968 - 1970, On Loan, Exxon Canada & USA
1971 - 1972, CEO, Three operating companies in Iraq. Negotiated contracts with then Vice-President Saddam Hussein.
1973 - 1976, Chairman & Managing Director, Oil Service Co. of Iran World's second largest oil-producing company with an annual budget of $3 billion (1975 costs).
1976, Retired & declined offer of Chief Executive position, British National Oil Company
1976 - present, Independent businessman & Director of Iranian design/construction/fabrication group in Oil & Gas industry, Iran
1980 - present, Consultant, Canadian Provincial Governments
Participant in Federal overseas missions,
Assisting major capital projects such as steel plant in Scotland, citrus processing plant in Pakistan and offshore platforms for Iran.
Co-founder of Canadian engineering company
Director of gold mining company in Ghana

1999 - present
Projects in Kazakstan including negotiation of a joint-venture agreement with National airline, establishment of a National joint-venture insurance company and declined invitation to become Adviser to the President of a State oil company.

Development of environmentally clean power plants utilising waste materials.