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Aydon in negotiation regarding Proposal to the Uganda Export Promotion Board
Aydon was invited to submit a bid to assist Uganda companies with market entry to Korea and promotion of their products and services and having qualified in partnership with its Group Associates in Korea and the bid submitted, we were short-listed and are currently in negotiation with the Export Promotion Board on the terms of contract which is expected to be finalised soon.
Aydon successful in a proposal to assist a US based supplier of industrial products including surface treatment and finishing tools (brushes and abrasives) strengthen it’s presence in Korea
Aydon was invited by this manufacturer to submit a proposal to strengthen its presence in Korea and utilising the services of its Group Associates in Korea was successful and submitted a report which included recommendations in good time which was accepted.
Aydon Group successful in contract award for a US based hardware supplier for market entry to Ghana
Aydon was invited to submit a proposal to assist  a leading hardware retailer in the United States of America which has traded over the last nine decades. It has over 5,100 independently owned retail locations. Aydon utilised the services of its Group Associates in Ghana and concluded Phase 1 of the project. Due to Covid 19 a proposed client visit to Ghana is on hold.
Aydon in discussion with an Austrian based company in the renewable energy sector for market entry to South Africa
Aydon was invited to submit a proposal to assist this company with market entry to South Africa and utilizing the services of its Group Associates in South Africa did so and this proposal is currently under consideration but delayed due to Covid 19. These discussions should soon revive
Aydon succeeds with a project to assist the Portuguese Rice Growers Syndicate with market entry to the UK
At the invitation of our consultancy associates in Portugal we were asked to submit a proposal to assist this organization with market entry to the UK and utilizing our “in-house”  team delivered Phase 1 of the project which was market research and recommendations which was well accepted and decisions are being made whetherto attend Trade Fairs and Expos recommended by us which have been postponed to 2021 due to Covid 19 or to market directly and a final decision is imminent.
Aydon successful in a contract with an Australian based Pig Growers Association
Aydon was invited to submit a proposal to assist this association with market entry and/or strengthening in 6 Asian countries and utilising the services of our Group Associates in all countries listed, Aydon, against stiff competition, was awarded the contract which was successfully concluded. There is some follow on business expected.

Aydon enters the PPE market

As a result of customer/client demand Aydon using its Asia based Group Associates has made massive in-roads and has secured a formidable list of manufacturers who have all undergone vigorous due diligence and are able to supply both FDA and EU certification and its initial contract  sailed for the UK in early June this year.
Products include:
•         Gloves (nitrile and latex)
•         Masks (medical and non-medical)
•         Respirators (industrial and medical)
•         Gowns (disposable and washable at levels 1 to 4)
•         Disposable foot and head covers
•         Aprons
•         Goggles & Visors
•         Thermometers
•         Sanitising liquids
•         Ventilators
•         COVID-19 test kits
•         Scrubs
As there are minimum order quantities we welcome Trade enquiries

Aydon secures a Co-operation Agreement with a leading Middle East based Finance Organisation.

In order to facilitate proposals for project undertakings being complete with a financial package where required, and to expand it’s own financial services Aydon has signed a Co-operation agreement in February this year with leading financiers BCGCM. In effect Aydon will additionally become New Business Promoters for BCGCM.

BCGCM is a Bahrain based financial organisation with access to large funds and specialising in arranging finance for small, medium and large corporations with transactions covering most sectors but concentrating on emerging and challenging markets worldwide.

BCGCM is a corporate financing specialist, advising private and public small-/midcap companies regarding equity and debt financing transactions, capital market transactions as well as mergers & acquisitions.

BCGCM is frequently engaged by and is advising companies regarding the placement of equity and/or debt financing transactions, acquisitions, fundraising's, or similar corporate finance transactions.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at info@aydon-consultants.com for further information

BCGCM’s profile can be viewed here (PDF)
Aydon has teamed up with Mamiko Randi Tanefusa who is C.E.O. of Privilege-SDC Japan.

Mamiko is an international marketing-communications & production expert covering the fields of advertising, promotions, events and licensing, catering to those clients in fashion, FMCG, IT, sports, entertainment industries with her 25 years of profound knowledge and experience in media, strategic planning and executions.

Since 2008, Mamiko has been actively engaged in the marketing activities of successful global franchise brands that are seeking to launch Japan, while assisting the unique Japanese franchise accounts to go abroad.

Native of Tokyo and Boston College alumna, Mamiko began her career with a Japanese advertising agency specialized in sports marketing in 1984. She also worked for global companies including McCann Erickson and Warner Brothers Japan where she served as the Marketing & Promotions Director of Licensing, prior to founding Privilege, Inc. (former name of Privilege-SDC Japan) in 1991.

Mamiko's CV can be viewed here and can be contacted at:
Aydon is awarded a Hotel Feasibility Study in the Middle East by a Middle East Bank
Aydon, against stiff international competition, has been awarded a contract by a substantial and successful Middle East Bank to undertake a feasibility study in a Middle Eastern country for the establishment of a luxury hotel with an option thereafter to assist in the design and construction and possible franchise negotiations.
All work will be carried out by Aydon's specialist "in-house" team and work will commence immediately. The contract has a confidentiality undertaking and further news will be released when permitted. The client has indicated the probability of additional hotels in the future in different regions
Aydon strengthens research and consultancy team
Aydon strengthens its "in-house" research and consultancy team by the addition of an experienced and well qualified Research and International Trade Advisor Gerard Opel, who has worked with the group on projects for some considerable time.
Click here for more information
Aydon secures major procurement contract for West African gold mine
Aydon stregthens research and consultancy team
Aydon strengthens its "in-house" research and consultancy team by the addition of an experienced and well qualified Research and International Trade Advisor Gerard Opel, who has worked with the group on projects for some considerable time.
Click here for more information.
Aydon succeeds in Egypt
The partnership with Zad Holdings in Egypt has produced dividends in a very short period and through the partnership Aydon has in May 2009 signed cooperation MOUs with The Egyptian Agricultural Council and the Egyptian Chemical & Fertilisers Export Council both of which have large memberships and have already produced a series of enquiries for Matchmaking services in various countries where Aydon has a presence.
ZAD/Aydon has concluded a Matchmaking contract to assist El-Helal & Golden Star Group who are a very large and well established manufacturer of plastic and aluminium household goods to enter the UK market and this project is currently underway.
As a result of seminars held by Zad/Aydon in Egypt in May 2009, the enquiry level continues to rise for companies wishing to commence or expand export activities with the full backing and support of their respective Export Councils.
Aydon enters Azerbaijan
Aydon has been in discussion with parties in Azerbaijan since early 2008 and is delighted to announce a partnership agreement with AZCONS Business consultants a very active and well connected consultancy boasting a team of 25 personnel which will take the group into this very important and rapidly developing country which has substantial oil reserves. We are open for business as Aydon Azerbaijan and will be assisting local companies wishing to export world-wide as well as foreign companies wishing to enter this important market.
Please view the country page on our website
Aydon expands it's operations in West Africa
Aydon has established Aydon Nigeria Ltd to cater for the massive growth in business being handled in the country and this company is a partnership between Aydon Consultants UK and Obinna Emeribe who is a long-standing business colleague and member of the Aydon Group. Please visit the Nigeria section on the website for Obinna's CV and corporate data. Click here to find out more
Aydon expands its presence in the Far East by setting up operations in Thailand which creates massive scope for two-way trade in handling programmes for Thai companies wishing to export or increase exports, an expansion of our very active international procurement division and handling programmes for foreign clients wishing to enter the Thai market
Aydon International Thailand will be headed up by Rythikrai Chaitham who will assume the role of Director. Rythikrai has over 17 years experience in general management and is experienced in marketing and business development for large companies and multinationals and has assisted many companies entering the Thai market to increase growth year on year. He has vast experience in working within the optical fibre and telecommunications industries, and is a Certified Professional Marketer Asia Pacific through the Asia Pacific Marketing Federation. aydon Thailand reaches into many neighbouring territories and is open for business. 
Aydon expands its Global presence simultaneously in the USA and CIS Regions.
In early September of 2008, AYDON signed a strategic alliance agreement with a boutique management consulting firm headquartered in the United States and focused on emerging markets of the former Soviet Union, with a presence in both Russia and Ukraine. ACG provides a full suite of management consulting services to midsize and Global 2000 companies around the world, while the primary areas of expertise are in strategy development, business planning, corporate finance (M&A, Investment Banking, capital fund-raising), and market entry projects. The firm is staffed entirely with multilingual graduate degree holders (mostly MBAs) from leading U.S. business schools. For additional information about ACG, its service offering, and its capabilities, please refer to their website at www.aginskyconsulting.com
or contact Aydon Consultants
Aydon enters the Egyptian Market
After many years of trade with Egypt as a product/service supplier, Aydon has finally succeeded in concluding an agreement with trade consultants ZAD Group an efficient and active consultancy based in Cairo led by Haytham Deyab who was previously First Under Secretary in the Ministry of Trade & Industry and a Director of the Egyptian Export Promotion Centre who has a wealth of experience in assisting Egyptian companies with exports and foreign companies with Market Entry Strategy. ZAD also have a presence in Sierra Leone and trades in other West African countries such as Liberia, Guinea Conakry, Gambia and Senegal.
The partnership will trade as Aydon Egypt and is open for business. For more information click here
Aydon expands activities in the Middle East and Asia
Aydon is delighted to announce the signing of an Association MOU with the MTI Group who are a rapidly expanding and fast moving consultancy with a presence in Bahrain, UAE, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Mexico and a branding co-operation arrangement in the UK.
A visit the website at www.mtiworldwide.com will highlight the synergy in group activities and impressive track record of MTI. The basis of the co-operation agreement is for Aydon to utilise the MTI presence in the Bahrain, Dubai, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka markets and for MTI to utilise the Aydon facilities in the UK, Ukraine and Czech Republic, and expands both group's geographical spread. The partnership is now active and able to service client requirements through existing facilities staffed by experienced and professional personnel.
Enquiries should be directed to info@aydon-consultants.com and will be allocated with minimum delay.
Expanded Activities
Aydon is pleased to announce the establishment of Aydon Czech in Prague in co-operation with very experienced and active consultants who will assist us to penetrate the rapidly developing Czech and Slovak Republics with local partners and allow us to offer Market Entry Strategy Programmes to domestic companies wishing to export. The service is already operating Click here for more info
Expanded Activities in Benelux
Aydon has expanded it's activities in Benelux countries by concluding a Strategic alliance agreement with Richard Matchett of Shotover Marketing an independent export sales and marketing consultancy practice based in the Netherlands and covering this region as well as Belgium.
Click here for more information
Increased coverage in Africa
In furtherance of Aydon's decision to increase its activities and presence in Africa we have signed a co-operation agreement with a dynamic consultant in Nigeria, Obinna Emeribe, who is CEO of Wallnet Business Services Ltd and representative for Boca Comm Global Business Services USA. This expands our cover of this large country and activities and and has already proved to be an active association. Wallnet is now an associate member of the group and specialises in marketing, and through Boca Comm financing of major projects. Click here to find out more

Expansion in Russia
Aydon has expanded its activities and presence in Russia which has become a prime target for overseas investment and marketing and has signed a co-operation agreement with Forte Solutions in Moscow which will trade under the Aydon Banner for joint projects... Click here to find out more

Engineering Design Services
Due to an increase in demand Aydon has reached agreement with a competent and well qualified experienced engineering designer in China to give us "in-house" design capability for new products or modification of existing products to meet client's requirements ... Click here to find out more

Aydon establishes a presence in Ukraine
Pursuant to negotiations Aydon is pleased to announce the formation of an Aydon presence in the rapidly developing Ukraine in partnership with the directors of Inter-K Consulting Kiev, a well established leading consultancy who will manage the new operation on behalf of the group. We have already commenced operations and have had an overwhelming response to the inaugural announcement. Full details of the company's core activities and the CVs of the two main directors can be seen from the Aydon Ukraine section on this website.

Aydon is delighted to announce the signature of a co-operation agreement with COWI AS of Norway to bolster the group’s ability to handle projects worldwide in environmental projects with an emphasis on water, wastewater and waste (solid/hazardous) relying on the skills, experience and expertise of the COWI Group who are regarded internationally as being the leaders in this field.
Aydon will contractually promote the specialist services offered by COWI AS through the group internationally and in territories where we have strategic partnerships and agreements are already in place with Associate Members of the Group covering China, India and Nigeria.
Contact Aydon Consultants for more information
The COWI AS brochure can be viewed on this website.
Click here to download (2.2mb Acrobat PDF)

Announcing the establishment of Aydon Poland with two very experienced partners, to take advantage of the two-way trade opportunities offered by a country which is within the European Union but which still maintains a low cost base. Aydon Poland will cover the rapidly developing Ukraine market as well through it's local network. ...Click here for more information about Aydon Poland

Following on negotiations with Mauricio Calderon a 31 year old Colombian lawyer who graduated at the University of Los Andes in Colombia specialising in Commercial Law, and with an MBA from the University of Technology Sydney with a sub-major in International Business now resident in Sydney, we have concluded an arrangement in terms whereof Mauricio will represent the group's interests in Australia and will report to Juan Pablo Akl our Director South America who is based in Bogota..
Mauricio has worked for several companies in the health, oil, and technology sectors both in Colombia and the USA and for the Colombian government acting as advisor to the Ministry of Social Protection.

To bolster the busy research team we have been joined by Helen Lyons who has been appointed Market Research Director. Helen has an impressive background in sales and banking which gives her the experience neeeded to handle the often intensive projects handled on behalf of international clients. Helen is based in Aydon's UK offices.


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