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International business is risky yet potentially lucrative. Aydon Consultants expertise is an invaluable resource for the achievement of your objectives.

Oil rigHands on experience
Aydon Consultants provide direct access to markets using highly experienced, multi-lingual consultants experienced in international trade.

Informed global business decisions
Aydon Consultants assist clients assess and manage risks associated with entering a new market, and identify areas for growth and expansion. Specialising in markets that are difficult to penetrate and offer substantial rewards, our focus remains on helping clients achieve their overall global business objectives efficiently, cost effectively and with minimal red tape. A full range of International business development advice and services Within the ambit of international business development, we provide the following core specialised advice and services appropriate to any stage of internationalisation.

Market entry strategy
Using local knowledge and our global resources we expedite the entry of a business into a market. Our experienced consultants can assist with; market selection, market surveys; entry and strategic marketing plans; feasibility studies, product suitability assessments; packaging suitability and pricing strategy.
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moneyOffshore/Outsourced marketing services
Aydon Consultants can expedite a client's entry into a market by assuming full responsibility for the marketing of client's goods. We work in conjunction with export departments or independently on a contract/retainer basis. The net result is faster, smoother entry into offshore markets.
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Representative offices
We set up and maintain branded representative offices of offshore companies seeking an immediate and branded presence in a market. We assume responsibility for location selection, personnel recruitment and necessary approvals. Using local knowledge we expedite market entry and brand awareness in a new territory.
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Joint Venture Partner / Distributor / Personnel searches

Aydon Consultants can advise a client on how best to be represented in the target market, whether by a joint venture partner, distributor/agent, and source and contract with appropriate candidates. Aydon Consultants can recommend commercial terms of appointment and either conduct or assist with negotiations to conclude the terms of engagement. Aydon Consultants also provide monitoring of representative/s performance for an agreed term after appointment, sufficiently long to ensure performance.
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Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)/Outsourced manufacturing

Aydon Consultants recognize that to improve profitability it may be necessary to have some, or all products manufactured offshore. Aydon Consultants experienced OEM consultants assume responsibility for the set up of plant, recruitment of personnel, location and site selection, standard/s (country or ISO) accreditation, set up and maintenance of supply chain, etc.

Prior to recommendation, OEM factories are thoroughly assessed by Aydon Consultants engineers to ensure that processes, equipment, testing procedures, and quality controls are at a minimum equivalent to internationally (usually ISO) acceptable levels.
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Engineering and industrial design

Aydon Consultant's engineers assist manufacturers with concept and implementation of advanced process technologies, CADD, CAM, CAE and their integration within the general business system, international technology transfer/s, engineering operations design and development and restructuring. Our engineers provide product development/design and product data management, in addition to R & D analysis, optimisation, development, and strategic management of intellectual property (common law jurisdictions only).
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Turnkey project management

With a professional network of personnel and strategic partnerships, Aydon Consultants have the ability to handle any project on a turnkey basis, managing design, construction, commissioning and sub-contractor selection to international standards.
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Procurement - Anverbel

Adjunct to our offshore manufacturing service and in conjunction with Anverbel, Aydon Consultant's procurement facility, we provide procurement services, minimising the supply chain and maximise profits for the client. Anverbel provides sourcing, negotiation and supply contract management, engineering quality controls and payment advice for Aydon clients seeking to procure goods in numerous industries. Utilising labour, currency and technology advantages in other jurisdictions can provide clients with net savings of up to 60%.
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